Online Poker Room Review


Poker room was one of the first online poker rooms which were offering the degenerate gamblers among us a chance to get 24 hour access to the felt.  They upgraded from play tables to the real deal in 2001.  Whilst Poker Room certainly has tenure, it’s longevity in the poker community still bears some consideration.

Cash Games

Whilst you can forget about super micro stakes on Poker Room (games start at .15/.30) there’s usually a healthy selection of ring game action to keep the punters happy.  This is despite the fact that Poker Room has been forced to turn away its U.S. players in bid to comply with questionable but nevertheless enforceable legislative intent.


There’s no doubt that the reduction in player numbers has had an effect on how frequently commence at Poker Room, they have to some degree compensated with a robust daily tournament program which includes guarantees, re buys, the unique cannonball tournaments (with rapidly increasing blinds in the early periods leading to a more normal late period structure) and what I consider to be their major draw card, regular deep stack tournaments that warm your heart.


The interface at Poker Room is impressive and sports some of the most pleasant eye candy you’ll find on the virtual felt.  You’ll eventually become accustomed to selecting one of nine available avatars each time you sit at a table (which at times necessitates playing as a male or female irrespective of your actual gender) and for the most part adds to an enjoyable playing experience.  Multi-tabling may stress some older systems, and Steer clear during scheduled maintenance, but on the whole the software makes playing at Poker Room a positive experience.


The support at Poker Room is excellent.  I was surprised at how quickly issues were resolved using live support, and the turnaround on problem solving was top notch.  Compassion and understanding were the theme of the day.


The sign up bonus is something to take advantage of, if for no other reason than it’s about the only bonus you’ll receive.  I still can’t figure out what to do with my player points, certainly there’s no opportunity to use them to play poker.


Now this is the real draw card for Poker Room.  Whilst higher limits ($4/8 and above) provide a solid opportunity to emerge yourself in excellent play, the lower stake tables and tournaments are riddled with those who make being a donkey an art form and a way of life.  On anything below $2/4 you’ll frequently find guppies sitting down with the min buy in looking for any excuse to throw their money in the middle on a whim and a prayer.

At the micro stakes you can expect to see poor play punctuated by outright suicidal tendencies, which is good news for the bank roll as long as you can withstand the odd suck out. The lack of ability translates into lower limit tournaments as well, and you’ll do well to play tight aggressive poker over the first few levels whilst the lemmings weed themselves out.  From there on in though, you’ll face competent poker, which is mirrored from the get go at higher stakes tournaments.  Poker Room is a great place for the new player to build a bankroll.  Just watch out for the sharks floating at the top looking for fresh meat.

On the whole, Poker Room offers a fairly comprehensive playing experience, and is the room of choice for many an online player.  You’ll do well to make at least one deposit (a wee minimum of $10) and deciding whether it suits your style.

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