BSP chassis are developed through using and logical and progressive program. This program is used in real life motor racing and results in consistent progress and improvement of our chassis designs. This methodical process has resulted in Bslotcar chassis scooping World and National championships and events in the United Stated of America, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and numerous other nations.

All our chassis’ are made from extremely high quality Spring steel and cut using either EDM or Laser.
Chassis’ can be supplied as a kit, built or in Ready To Run form with a choice of motor.

The new BSP BASIC Chassis range is now available, and includes the GT12, 32 Saloon, and a Falcon F1.

We also stock chassis from other manufacturers, for racing in production and open classes.




1/24th BSP Eurosport.

2003-4-5 USRA DIV2, 2004 British champions and 2005-6-7 Swedish Masters champions.

Chassis has developed in terms of performance and strength from the previous season. The latest version led the ISRA World Championships. Nationals winning car techincal breakdown.Nationals winning car techincal breakdown. The latest version has removeable pan insets, and front pan cut out. £75 kit. Chassis £120



1/24 BSP Open Group 12 (C1)

 Made a winning debut at the British Nationals in 2002 and has completely dominated the series since that date. It is now the chassis of choice for the majority of the top racers. This chassis is also perfect for C1 in the USA, and due to very high torsional stiffness (anti decking) is perfect for use on banked tracks. The chassis now has better weight distribution resulting in more stability. £75 kit. Chassis £120.


1/32 BSP-Trigilio Eurosport.

 This chassis is designed and developed in conjunction with Italian ace, Paolo Trigilio. The chassis has progressed from its early success in UK, Italian and international races. The latest updates include a gear guard and optional floating front pintube.£75 kit. Chassis £120.


New 1/32 BSP 'Saunders' Saloon (C-Can Eurosport).

A full eurosport design, but with a C can motor box. The car will accept C-can motors from Proslot, Koford, Cahoza, RJR etc. Built chassis with front wheels and pin tubing weighs 43.1 grams. **The chassis was 0.2s faster than any other car in the 2009 BSCRA National final.**£65 Kit, £110 built chassis.



1/32 BSP 'Saunders' F1 Eurosport

The chassis has been undergoing testing since april 2006. It made it's National race debut at the North London BOC winning, and then repeating the success at round 2 on the Pontefract track.

British Nationals champions, 2009. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP winnning chassis in 2007.
The latest version has a tri rail arrangement and independant brass pans. The base chassis is very light, enabling optimum weight distribution with no excess weight.

Kit with 'soft' fronts £85.. Chassis £140 (with fronts).



1/32 Falcon Pro F1 chassis.

A new chassis design for 2009. More advanced and sophisticated than the BSP Basic version, this car features fully independant pans with damping rails to give increased stabilty.

***Chassis wins on debut, at North London Pro falcon event***

Kit £29.50 Chassis £65 (with fronts)




BSP BASIC. Simple, strong, fast.

BASIC saloon.

A simplified version of our championship and national title winning chassis. This chassis has already shown its speed with Southern 32 race leading pace and a BOC win on its debut. £37.50 kit. Chassis £70.

1/32 Falcon F1- Version2.

The Version 2 chassis features all the modifications the team cars used in the 2005 season. The chassis is designed for micro can motors such as the Jk Falcon or Proslot mini Euro. No hinge pan technology makes the chassis very strong and almost maintenance free, with body movement enhanced using floating pintubes. Kit £25. Chassis £55.



1/24 GT12. BSP01 and BSP 04

A new chassis class from BSP for 2003. Designed and approved by USRA for use in the very competitive GT12 category. The BSP01 came 2nd, 3rd, 4th at the 2006 Div2 Nationals, and was the most used chassis in the final. New for 2006 is a slightly longer version (BSP04), making the chassis more forgiving and better through the tight turns on the gutters. The chassis handling can be tuned using the flexing rails and pintube thickness. Requires very little maintenance and is exceptionally strong, using its ‘no hinge’ pan technology. $50 kit


1/24 GT12. BSP 06

A completely new chassis from BSP for 2006. Designed and approved by USRA for use in the very competitive GT12 category. The basic features are taken from the Open Group 12 design, but have been simplified and strengthened. This design is for both banked and flat tracks and is perfectly suited to low downforce 'Pro' driver class. The chassis is also ideal as a secondary or club Open Group 12 car . $55 kit.


1/24 GT12. BSP 10

Almost our Open 12! The 2010 GT12 is the most advanced GT12 we have manufactured to date. The chassis uses the same dimensional layout as the hugely successful Open 12. With different configurations of chassis rails, the chassis is suitable for flat and banked tracks, and both high and low downforce bodyshells. It also comes with 2 guide tongue lengths. The chassis is also ideal as a secondary or club Open Group 12 car. $60 kit (£37.50), Built £70.


1/24 Clubman.

Indestructible, unbreakable, maintenance free racing. A super simple chassis design for JK Falcon motors. 500 novice drivers tested this chassis and showed it to be perfect for the introduction class of slot racing. Ideal for use by beginners, juniors, as a club class or corporate car. £15 kit or £40 kit, including ALL parts to make a race car.






Horky F1.

The leader in F1 technology. These chassis have won countless world and national titles. Made from very high grade spring steel, with brass pan inserts, the chassis has excellent balance. The kit comes with all tubing and wire required, and also included the foam tyred front wheels. The latest version is suitable for tall multi mag motors, but in other aspects is the same design.


Champion Turbo Flex.

1/24th production chassis that all the others strive to beat. Its' very simple, and robust design means it is the favourite choice of drivers in 1/24 production racing. Blueprinted RTR version available, with choice of X12, S.Wasp or S16D motor.

***Blueprinted chassis and motor win BSCRA 1/24 Nationals 2005 and 2006***


Mossetti Titan.

The new kid on the block. Similar in design to the all conquering Champion chassis, the Mossetti offers an alternative for those who dont want to follow the crowd. Slightly lighter, it offers more scope for tuning using weight.


Demon 1/32.

The leading 1/32 super production and production car chassis. BSP blueprinted RTR chassis came 1,2,3 at the BSCRA Production challenge in 2004 following on from its victory in 2003.